Build Strength and Add Flexibility

From the beginning, Horizon Rehabilitation Centers has had a strong background in providing spine rehab and therapy services. With a hands-on approach to therapy that is tailored to the needs of our patients, we not only provide physical therapy, but also education to ensure you able to regain and maintain flexibility and strength. As a patient, you’ll receive education related to progressive lumbar and cervicothoracic stabilization techniques to allow you to continue your therapy exercises at home.


Stabilization and Conditioning Programs

Whether it’s an irregular twinge of pain in your neck or a more chronic pain in your back, Horizon Rehab’s goal is to provide you with the therapy that will allow you continue living your life. Our stabilization and conditioning programs educate you on how to improve your flexibility, coordination and strength to give you more control over your therapy so you can live with less pain. 


Manual Spine Therapy

Manual therapy is based on your physical therapist manipulating the joints in and around your spine with a variety of soft-tissue techniques. The overall goal is to increase mobility and alleviate pain. This hands-on approach to pain management is used to help prepare for you for other rehab programs, such as Horizon Rehab’s stabilization and conditioning program. 


Aquatic Therapy

Horizon Rehab offers warm water, aquatic therapy for those patients who are not yet able to tolerate a land based exercise program.  Warm water aquatic therapy provides a low impact but high intensity workout which is especially important for patients 'recovery' mode.  Our aquatic pool and treadmill system offers adjustable water temperature and water levels which makes rehabilitation, fitness training, or weight control a relaxing experience.


Spine Health -- For Kids Program

Several spine conditions are common among children and teenagers. Horizon Rehab’s “Spine Health – For Kids” program helps evaluate children through physical examination and educate them about specific conditions as it relates to their needs. Children with spine conditions are given a specific home exercise program to help them maintain flexibility, coordination and strength as they age. Common conditions affecting children include:

  • Scheuramann’s Kyphosis
  • Torticollis
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Scoliosis
  • "Growing pains"


Treat the Pain in Your Spine Today

If you’re experiencing any sort of pain in your back or neck, Horizon Rehab can help alleviate your pain and provide you with the education to reduce your chance of dealing with the issue again. Call one of our offices to set up an appointment.