Rehab Services for Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke Recovery

Therapy and rehabilitation for neurological disorders requires specialized training and a lot of experience. Horizon Rehabilitation Centers brings knowledge, expertise and a caring approach to treating these conditions with a goal-oriented approach to help patients maintain function and independence.


Multiple Sclerosis Rehab

Whether you have been diagnosed with a relapsing-remitting course of MS or a progressive course of MS, Horizon Rehab’s staff is here to provide treatment from diagnosis to the worsening of symptoms. Physical therapy can be used to help improve gait and balance, increase or maintain strength and manage fatigue with energy management techniques. Horizon Rehab also offers adaptive equipment recommendations and can evaluate your home or vehicle. 


Parkinson's Disease Rehab

Horizon Rehab’s Mandy Rohrig is a LSVT BIG-certified therapist. The LSVT BIG program was specifically designed to improve movement and function in patients with Parkinson’s disease with an intense therapy sessions designed to improve everyday movements. Our therapy approach also helps improve gait, flexibility and endurance while helping reduce freezing and rigidity. Parkinson’s disease rehab services are offered on a regular or as-needed basis, depending on the patient’s needs. 


Stroke Rehab

Using a mix of techniques from passive and active range of motion exercise, to strength and resistance training, Horizon Rehab assists patients recovering from a stroke with the goal of helping them regain their previous level of function and independence. 


Request More Information About Neurological Rehab

Each Horizon Rehab patient receives the physical therapy and rehabilitation that will bring the most effective results for their individual situation. Call one of our offices to find out more about our neurological rehab services.