Improve Balance and Reduce Dizziness

Many of the patients at Horizon Rehab deal with dizziness or have their balance affected on a daily basis. Horizon Rehab offers a comprehensive balance evaluation that includes your neck and upper back as well as tests your visual and vestibular systems, your kinesthetic awareness and your standing balance and walking.

Using all these tests, patients are given a series of exercises and tools to improve their mobility and decrease dizziness to help them maintain independence. Horizon Rehab’s vestibular and balance rehab services can help treat conditions like:

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • Unilateral vestibular disorders
    • Vestibular neuritis
    • Labyrinthitis
    • Meniere’s disease
    • Superior canal dehiscence
    • Vestibular schwannoma
    • Anterior vestibular artery ischemia
  • Bilateral vestibular disorders
  • Vertigo of central origin (caused by multiple sclerosis, stroke or Arnold Chiari malformation)
  • Migraine-related dizziness
  • Cerviogenic dizziness
  • General balance impairment


Our Specialized Equipment Aids in Balance Recovery

Our HUR Senso is a scientifically based dual-tasking fall reduction and cognitive training platform designed to support independence.  The think and move integrated, fun and easy to use equipment simultaneously improves physical and cognitive function through interactive motor training activities and gaming.

Our Solo-Step is an overhead track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during rehabilitation and post recovery process while giving them the confidence they need to break through their barriers in a safe environment.


Schedule an Appointment to Improve Your Balance

If you deal with dizziness or balance issues on a regular basis, contact Horizon Rehab to schedule an appointment to start your path toward improvement.