"Not only did I receive great care, but also everyone was so pleasant and helpful!"

Phyllis T.

"I am so pleased with how much Troy and Ben have helped me. It's nice to feel good again. I highly recommend Horizon to everyone and will definitely come back if I have a need for more therapy."

Gail H.

"I have seen Troy for 3 different problems, the most recent a torn meniscus, and prior to that, my back. Troy is a highly skilled, competent, and experienced therapist. He makes thorough assessments and then individualizes the care. I love the continuity of consistently seeing the same therapist, time after time, who tracks progress ad adjusts treatment accordingly. My experiences have shown that a skilled therapist can provide low tech, cost effective alternatives to surgical interventions."

Catherine B.

"CON'T: Troy provides effective education about how I can exercise in between visits, and then once I am discharged, to continue to improve my muscle strength and stay in shape. As someone who works full time, I appreciate that I do not experience long waits when I arrive for an appointment and that my questions about billing, when they occurred, were answered quickly. I recommend Horizon, and Troy, without reservation. Thank you for the opportunity to say how grateful I am."

Catherine B.

"I didn't think that I could/would benefit from PT, but I have experienced first-hand how much it can help. My pain and range of motion are day/night different."

Jamie A.

"The best ever! Great!"

Charlayne C.

"I was very satisfied with overall care and knowledge, communication, and instructions were easy to follow and understand. Great care!"

Jeannete B.

"Three years ago I was contemplating back surgery but opted to try PT before surgery. Thus began my experience with Troy Roehrs and his staff at Horizon. While I still ended up getting surgery, Troy has worked patiently with me coaching me into greater mobility than I ever thought possible. While some injury recurrence has set me back a time or two, thus far I have recovered and literally take an additional step forward. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF THEIR THERAPISTS TO LEAD ONE IN HEALING AND STRENGTH GAIN."

Robert B.

"Everyone was extremely wonderful. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!"

Patricia L.

"Anyone who has experienced knee problems should see the therapists at Horizon. My experience was phenomenal. They know you by name, and are always friendly!"

Sandy S.

"Always pleasant and professional. Always listened to what I had to say. Very good explainer of all exercises showing how to do them and is attentive I am doing them correctly."

Elizabeth W.

"Fixed my problem. Well done!"

Jerry P.

"They have handled my spinal pain better than any other place I have tried. I really appreciate their work!"

Greg R.

"The staff is phenomenal, knowledgeable, caring and helpful! I went to Horizon Rehabilitation for Balance Therapy. It is amazing how much I have improved!"

Nancy N.

"I will send people to you. Best rehabilitation center I have ever been to."

Madeline S.

"Troy was great he pinpointed my problem the very first visit thanks again Troy"

Tom F.

"Most beneficial! I was equipped with the information and skills to continue at home as well as feeling much better. Thank you so much!"


"Jake is so good at what he does. Physical Therapy has been tailored to my specific needs; very different than any other therapy I've had. He has definitely helped my chronic pain become manageable."

Mikalla Ericson

"1. The Therapy is great 2. All the people are great 3. Everyone is so nice"

Jerry Porterfield

"My experience with my therapy at Horizon Rehabilitation was the very best. It has really helped me get over my injuries."

Honor Schwid

"After working with Troy at Horizon Rehabilitation eight years ago, he has helped me to manage my lower back pain. The main point is he did this through helping me understand why and build on strengthening and being proactively healthy!"


"Jake was very pleasant and had loads of info. He has a great bedside manner!"

Sherrie B.

"I have bad back, hip and neck pain and since I have been coming to Horizon Rehabilitation Center for therapy I have been able to move better and all around feel better. Jake has loosened up my muscles which has enabled me to walk, sit and stand longer which makes me tolerate the pain better."

Deb L.

"The therapists made physical therapy fun"

John Rohacik

"I am very happy with my experience here. On the very first visit Jake helped relieve my pain and I was able to move better right away. I am so glad I came here. This was the best thing I've done for my back pain."

Micheala B.

"I have to first off specifically recommend Jake to anyone - he is not only gentle but very informative on "take home" exercises and ideas as well as the education as to why you are having a specific problem. Staff was always pleasant . Will definitely recommend to anyone as I feel that I am now able to use some of his same techniques on myself."

Annie K.

"I am so glad I cam to Horizon for Therapy. Not only do I feel better, but Tammy gave me the tools to continue improving. I can play golf pain-free for the first time in 2 years!"


"I really appreciate the encouraging and caring way the therapists treated me during my rehabilitation. All the exercises were explained and how they related to my condition. It was a good experience that helped me to heal and improve after my fall. Thank you so much!!"

Jean Watson

"The staff treats the clients with respect, concern & encouragement. The center is run so professionally!"

Mary Ann Johnson

"Jake is very professional, courteous, helpful, cheerful and I can feel the difference from when I first started. Thanks Jake!"

Marge C.

"Very friendly, helpful & personal."

Angela B.

"Staff very pleasant. I felt Jake was well versed on treatment for my back after deciphering my problems. Treatment definitely put me back to a more normal lifestyle."

Mary Ann E.

"It was the best thing that I have done for myself. Jake gave me tools and taught me things to help myself. Thank you Jake!"

Mary K.

"I have been so pleased with my overall experience with Horizon. Jake has been extremely personable as well as giving me the best possible therapy. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Love Mae too."

Debbie B.

"Thanks to Jake Costello I am almost 100% just 3 months after Total Hip Replacement. Was PT a little painful? Yes but so worth it. Thank you for really caring about me."

Carol C.

"After my total knee replacent surgery, I was very pleased with the one on one, personal treatment I received from PT therapist Jake Costello at 825 North 90th St, Omaha. He was very professional and at the same time friendly and easy to talk to. He explained everything regarding my recovery in terms that I could understand."

Ken K.

"Jake has been my therapist for several months and I'm essentially without back pain now. Since starting, he has given me massage, ultrasound, exercises and sound advice. The clinic environment has been quiet, friendly and efficient. Now I can continue with my life as before--with more exercise! I would like to thank both Jake and May for their skills and kind support."

John Prusmack

"Jake was excellent. He fully explained the problem, the treatment, why he was providing that treatment, and alleviated pain I had in my foot for years in a handful of visits. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Michael F. Scahill

"I have been going to the Spine Club for several years and it has been most beneficial for me. Each exercise is tailored to my specific need which is my back. The staff is well trained and very helpful! I highly recommend a visit to Horizon."

Jane Grady

"Everyone one here is super nice and helpful. The facility is always squeaky clean and a welcoming environment."

Dallas Roach



"Mandy is awesome, I love this place. I only wish I didn't have to travel 200 miles to get the great service."

John Charf

"Tammy and Lindie are great. I had brain surgery September of 18 and again October 30th of 19. They prepared me to go back to work the last time. Would go no where else. This time. Great people to work with."

Ray Angeroth

"Tami And Lindy are helping me with my therapy from my second skull repair in 2 years. I f it wasn't for them my recovery would have been very hard. if you want great people who care this is the place to go."

Ray Angeroth

"I've worked with Tammy and Troy off and on for a while now. They treat me with respect and really care about my progress. They are very good at their job!"

Renae A Zinnel

"I am so grateful to Jake Costello! Since beginning therapy with him I am now able to cross my legs and touch my touch for the first time in years! After multiple surgeries and years of failed therapy, I finally have flexibility and am so thankful to him! #bestptever!!"

Amy Hood

"Jake is THE BEST! I've seen him for chronic back pain & plantar fasciitis. Not only is he very knowledgeable & good at what he does, he has great character. He'll recommend products that he knows will help you even if it means less therapy, because he has great integrity & TRULY wants to help his patients feel better as quickly as possible. I highly recommend him!"

Julie Sweet


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